Master of Science in Educational Supervision


– This program is currently not available –


This Master’s course targets teachers who want to become school principals or want to work as education specialists in a managerial position.



Graduates of the Master of Science Course which is conducted in cooperation with Mercy College, New York, have the following knowledge, skills and competences:


  • Competences and skills a good and goal-oriented leader needs
  • Competences and knowledge necessary for successful school management
  • Understand, respond to and influence major social, cultural, legal and economic trends affecting schools and education systems






Master of Science in Teaching English


– This program is currently not available –


Wilhelm von Humboldt ascribed a central, creative cultural role to language. According to Humboldt, language is not only needed for communication, but is rather a world-creating force with a special educational significance. For Humboldt, education is – among other things – the confrontation with foreign languages; he understands education as any dialogue with other people in the course of which a subject gets involved with the “foreign” world views of his counterpart and in this way revises, expands or transcends his own world view. Language is therefore an indispensable tool to be able to educate oneself.

In order to be able to give pupils the opportunity to enter into dialogue with people from other cultures, theoretically and didactically well-founded foreign language teaching is indispensable. This requires good theoretical and practical basic training, but also the expansion of existing skills or the fundamental acquisition of new skills through further training courses is important.

The Master of Science in Teaching English has been designed for teachers who teach, use or wish to use English as a working language and it offers theoretically sound but also practice-oriented training for English teachers who wish to improve their teaching practice – resulting in greater learning success, better motivation and improved learning behaviour of their pupils.