Course Programmes

Master’s Degree Online Course

M.A. Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)


Start: January 2020 / End: December 2021

Scheduled: two courses in spring, one course in summer, two courses in fall


The M.A. TESOL leads to initial/professional certification and requires three years of teaching experience.

M.A. TESOL graduates typically teach in K-12 grade public schools, in English language institutes, in private schools, or for corporations around the world.


By the end of this program, students should be able to:


  • Demonstrate a solid content knowledge base that enables them to deliver effective educational and professional services based on current research, theory and practice


  • Employ multiple pedagogical and professional strategies and tools to enable them to be effective practitioners in educational settings and deliver services that promote students’ intellectual, social, and emotional development


  • Understand the diverse cultural, linguistic, learning, and social strengths and needs of all populations, and incorporate and demonstrate sensitivity to the richness of diverse cultures when providing educational and other school services


  • Employ technology to deliver information, instruction, and professional services to all members of the school community


  • Reflect on professional practice to make educational decisions and enhance student learning


  • Demonstrate positive dispositions that enable them to work as effective educators, citizens, and practitioners within the school and broader community


Administrative support during the entire time of study by the AAECA, Vienna.

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Austrian American Summer Academy – English for Professional Use


English for Professional Use, the ‘Summer Academy’, is jointly organized by the Austrian American Cooperation Association (AAECA) and the University of New Mexico. Taking place in Laaben, Lower Austria, the program is designed for English teachers from Primary Schools (VS), Secondary Schools (APS) and High Schools (AHS). Under the motto “English Only” the seminar offers a unique opportunity to gain insight into life and institutions as well as into the American education system.


The program focuses on:


  • Providing insight into American life and culture through short stories and other selected readings
  • Current issues and trends in the American school system


The participants spend a week in the group together with the speakers. An important goal is also reflecting on their own teaching methods and the application of newly gained knowledge in their classroom teaching. Participants are registered for this event as UNM students and have access to the official web portal of the university. In addition, they receive 3 American credits (equivalent to 6 ECTS) from the UNM for the successful completion of this training session.